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Paradise if you can stand it!
Fairy tale hilltop village

This romantic honey-hued village perched on a pretty hill backed by the beautiful Teix mountain is unsurprisingly, one of the most exclusive and desirable places to live in northwest Mallorca.

Image of Deià romantic village on a pretty hillImage of Deià romantic village on a pretty hill
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A poetic past.

When renowned English poet, Robert Graves, questioned American writer, Gertrude Stein about life in Mallorca, she replied wryly: “It’s paradise if you can stand it.” Taking her at her word, Graves moved to Deià in 1929 where he remained, aside from a short interlude during the Spanish Civil War and WWII, until his death, aged 90. Thanks to his huge literary influence, he attracted revered writers from every corner of the globe, including Hollywood stars. Some of these included Alec Guinness, Peter Ustinov, Evelyn Waugh, Kingsley Amis, Agatha Christie and Ava Gardner.

Image of Deià romantic village and mountains landscape

Art at its heart.

Deià’s reputation for being an artist’s colony spread, and to this day many international artists reside in the village from painters such as Arturo Rhodes and Alan Hydes, to poets that include Roger McGough. Musician Mike Oldfield visited and composer, Andrew Lloyd-Webber, has a home in the village. Numerous superb concerts and exhibitions are held annually, not least at beloved La Residencia Hotel, one of the island’s leading luxury five-star hotels.

Image of Deià authentic old stone streets

With breath-taking vistas to the Mediterranean Sea, and surrounded by ancient Moorish terracing of oranges and olive groves, this really is as good as it gets. Best of all, it’s just 40 minutes by road from Palma Airport and 30 minutes to the heart of the Capital.

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The Deià Vibe.

A laid-back, friendly and welcoming village of locals and international residents, Deià is self-contained with its own medical clinic, grocery stores and bijoux boutiques. Bursting with wonderful cafés and restaurants it offers such gourmet gems as Michelin-starred Es Raco des Teix and Sebastian’s.

Image of Deià coast restaurant with sea view
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We cannot praise too highly the service we received from the staff at Casas Mallorca, all of whom ...
Andrew & Sarah Kemp

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Buying with Casas Mallorca is smooth and transparent. All staff are extremely helpful and know what...
R. L.

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Trust makes everything so easy and simple, ...inspected, decided, bought... They are a very special team of real estate agents and real Counsellors.

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The decision was made. Our Mallorquin dream should be realized in Sóller and with Casas Mallorca...
Pia & Gerd

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Fast, uncomplicated and very flexible appointment coordination. Multilingual family business...
Sandra & Magnus

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